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The Fate Of The Furious ★★★☆☆

Friday, 18 August 2017
I really wanted to try and be nice...The Fast and the Furious franchise is set in an alternate universe -  just before everybody evolves into Pixar's Cars, where all the people of Cuba party in the streets all day, dressed for an MTV music video. Dominic Toretto, played by Vin Diesel, a fairly well built dude with a baby's head and a teenager's mumble, is the best driver around. He can drive a burning heap of scrap, backwards, faster than a muscle car can go at full speed forwards.Which is ... Read More

HTC U11 ★★★★☆

Wednesday, 16 August 2017
HTC has launched the U11, its flagship for 2017 just 4 months after launching a very similar looking U Ultra famed for its Edge/Dual Screen. The U Ultra now already looks outdated and feels more like a “hey, don’t forget us!” device from HTC. The U11 changes everything with it’s “best camera on a phone ever” statement. Let’s find out if HTC manages to get back in the game…Right out of the box, the HTC U11 looks very similar to the ultra glossy, highly reflective U Ultra but with ... Read More

The Walking Dead: Season 7 ★★★★☆

Tuesday, 15 August 2017
Another year, another season of everyone’s favourite horror soap opera. In recent years, the show has decreased in quality as filler episodes have become the norm and stretched out, meandering plotlines are the modus operandi. Is Season 7 a return to the show’s early form, or does it merely continue this trend? Of course, it goes without saying that spoilers lurk in the review below. If you’re not up to date on the show, I’d suggest you steer clear.The GoodFirstly, and perhaps ... Read More

Dublin Comic Con Photo Competition voting is live!!

Monday, 14 August 2017
So Dublin Comic Con has come to a close after an amazing weekend of CeXy fun!Got your picture taken with one of our monsters or by one of our team members?Follow these steps to be in with a chance to win yourself a €250, €150 or €50 CeX voucher:1. Click HERE to find the gallery.2. Find your picture, share it and get those votes!Get your daily CeX ... Read More

CeX at Dublin Comic Con!!!

Saturday, 12 August 2017
Dublin Comic Con - are you coming this weekend? If so make sure to visit the CeX pop up shop wonderland. Help yourself to CeX freebies whilst browsing your favourite games, movies and tech! Have your picture taken with of our crazy creatures to be in with a chance of winning a €250, €150 and €50 CeX voucher! www.webuy.comAlso, the CeX party rolling into town can only mean one thing.... THE RETURN OF THE RECYCLER MEMES!Watch the event live RIGHT HERE!Get your daily CeX ... Read More

DiRT 4 ★★★★★

Tuesday, 08 August 2017
The DiRT series has a long history dating back to its roots on the PS1, when it went by Colin Mcrae Rally. Colin McRae 2.0 pushed the PS1 to its limits and was a great rally game, for its day, with the gameplay still holding up today. After McRae's death in 2007, the series changed its name to DiRT but stuck to its hardcore rally origin. DiRT and DiRT 2 had some great damage physics affecting your car, the scenery and the terrain. DiRT 3 lost its way a little, while still a good game, its fan ... Read More

Saban's Power Rangers ★★★☆☆

Tuesday, 01 August 2017
Oh where to start with this one…In an age where seemingly every popular property from the 80s and 90s is being dragged kicking and screaming from the grave, it's surprising that it's taken this long for the Power Rangers to return to the big screen. But how did the Mighty Morphers perform on their grand return?The GoodYou’ll probably be able to guess the tone of this review when I tell you that Power Rangers wasn’t a complete travesty.The film’s main feature worth commendation is its ... Read More

Beauty and The Beast ★★★★★

Tuesday, 25 July 2017
The latest Disney remakes has given rise to “Alice in Wonderland,” “Maleficent,” “Cinderella,” and “The Jungle Book,” each receiving a variety of reviews. However, revamping one of the most popular childhood classics into a live-action picture is a dangerous task to take on, especially when that classic was the first and only animated feature film to be nominated for the Best Picture Oscar in history. The animation has gained a colossal following the last twenty-six years for ... Read More

OnePlus 5 ★★★☆☆

Monday, 24 July 2017
The Flagship Killers are back in less than 12 months of the launch of the One Plus 3T. This time though you can see the prices going up when you look back at the launch prices of One Plus One, Two etc. Read below to find out if it really is a flagship killer…Take it out of the box and you feel you’ve just purchased a OnePlus 3T with the iPhone 7 Plus stuck at the back. The similarity is striking and disappointing in the beginning since One Plus has always been a bit different from the rest ... Read More

Kong: Skull Island ★★★★☆

Tuesday, 18 July 2017
Kong: Skull Island is the second film in the expanding genre of Expanded Universes after the highly acclaimed 2014 Godzilla movie. Kong : Skull Island stars Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L Jackson, John Goodman, Brie Larson and John C Reilly, but really it could have just been a handful of putties from the original Power Rangers episodes for all the good it does the film. This reboot answers the question of whether or not an entire cast built from the MCU backlog could work if handed a script that is ... Read More
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