Grand Theft Auto: China Town Wars

Friday 3rd October 2008

The all-conquering GTA series is no stranger to handhelds having a made a number of less than steller outings on the Game Boy Colour and the GBA before moving onto the 'Stories' series of remix games on the PSP. GTA Chinatown Wars however is set to be the first new title designed from the ground up to take advantage of its host hardware, and jusging by the first few screens leaked on the net, they've really surpassed expectations.

There is no way anybody could reasonably expect the DS to handle a port of any of the home games, and rather than simply making a sub-standard imitation they have gone for an all-new cell shaded look that is more Phantom Hourglass than Liberty City. Chinatown Wars goes back to the top-down perspective of the first two games, but through clever use of the machine's polygon-pushing powers, allows for a much more dynamic camera. The results are surprsingly effective, with well textured clean looking environments, and if Rockstar are to be believed, a decent volume of traffic.

Having ticked off the mafia, the Bloods and Crips, and the Eastern Block, triads are the new gangsters in town and those expecting GTA to go all kiddy because of its new family-friendly home are in for a rude awakening. Chinatown Wars features a drug dealing mini game allowing players to sell coke, weed and heroine. Be assured, The Daily Mail will be all over this. With only a handful of screen shots to go on, Chinatown Wars appears to features some DS speciffic touch screen controls for driving, along with confirmed Wi-Fi connection.

So does this new found GTA Nintendo love signal the coming of a GTA Wii title? Not so according to Rockstar's Vice President Dan Houser, claiming the idea of a Wii version 'didn't feel natural to us.' While Rockstar are doing a great job of keeping this game under wraps, we don't have long to wait, with Chinatown Wars hitting the shelves some time in November.

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