DS Lite Boxed
DS Lite Boxed
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DS Lite Boxed

Nintendo DS Lite revolutionizes the way games are played with ultra-bright dual screens and touch-screen technology. Connect wirelessly to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and put your skills to the test against players across the room or across the world.

With impressive 3D rendered graphics and ultra-bright screens, Nintendo DS Lite delivers cutting-edge portable games for fans of any genre. Plus, you can connect wirelessly to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and challenge players around the world


  • Size (closed): 133 millimeters (5.2 inches) wide, 73.9 millimeters (2.9 inches) long, 21.5 millimeters (0.85 inches) tall.
  • Screen: backlit, 3-inch, transmissive TFT color, LCD transparent analog touch screen
  • Wireless: IEEE 802.11; wireless range is 30 to 100 feet
  • Multiple users can play multiplayer games using just one DS game card.
  • Embedded microphone
  • Stylus

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